Shinichiro  Uchikura  Photographer

A photographer  Uchikura Shinichiro  Shinichiro Uchikura Photographer.


35years old of 1981 year Nobeoka-shi, Miyazaki birth place

STUDIO Uchikura  CEO.

Japanese picture picture college part-time lecturer

Corporation Photographic Society of Japan member of public interests

Kushima-shi, Miyazaki art exhibition picture section judge


"Graduation work  Principal prize" winning a prize after Osaka Japanese picture picture college study department graduation

After chief assistant 3 year duties, it's independent for 3 years as a picture author in Tokyo in Roppongi art plaza commercial studio.

 Winning a prize


2016  KONICA MINOLTA photo Premio winning a prize

2013 The 36th time Canon sponsorship Picture new century fine work winning a prize (Sawaragi Yae Election)


2011 The 34th time Canon sponsorship Picture new century fine work winning a prize (Omori Katsumi Election)


2010 The 33rd time Canon sponsorship Picture new century fine work winning a prize (Minoru Shimizu Election)


2008 Nikon Juna 21 winning a prize


2005 APA award Winning


2005 Hirama itashou Hummingbird prize


2004 APA award Winning




Soldier company of" a dog publishes more than CITY RAT press in 2016.

2015  "Kako" publishes more than CITY RAT press.


2014  "A human Pictorial book" publishes more than CITY RAT press.

2005  Doll author  Keiko Hori photograph collection "Dolls" KANZEN company

Magazine carrying


Corporation of public interests  Photographic Society of Japan  Bulletin and number 467  Work carrying.

PhotoGRAPHICA vol.10 vol.11 Work carrying.  

"PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE 81LAB. Quarterly" during work serialization


Picture cultural "picture author Series" carrying May issue July issue Work carrying.

APA special number Corporation Japanese advertisement photographer society Work carrying.

Art museum collection

 2002 , 2003 , 2008 , 2012 , 2016 ,

Kiyosato Photo art museum.Youthful portfolio work Eternal collection  



2016  "Soldier of a dog company" KONICA MINOLTA photo Premio

Shinjuku Konica Minolta is exhibition holding.

2016  A Japanese picture picture college 60th anniversary "SHASEN Art Festa" Uchikura Shinichiro photographic exhibition "It's fused a separation."

2016  Setouchi international picture festival  Uchikura Shinichiro photographic exhibition  Kitahama alley outdoors exhibition "It's fused a separation."

2016 year KYOTOGRAPHI+ gallery Main plan exhibition  Uchikura Shinichiro photographic exhibition "planet of a dog"

2015 gallery Main plan exhibition Uchikura Shinichiro photographic exhibition "Kako"


2008 "ParaSite" NikonJuna21 submitting Shinjuku Nikon salon Osaka In a Nikon salon, exhibition 

Group exhibition

2016年 「CITY RAT press. group exhibition2016」gallery Main

2016 gallery Main new novelist exhibition in Taiwan

"Uchikura Shinichiro x Takatoshi Yokoyama Photo Exhibition in Taiwan" (Taiwan) roku light +marute

2016 PIS “TOM and JERRY at shibuya”Uchikura Shinichiro x Takatoshi Yokoyama

2015 - It's held in the Paris photo "fotofever artfair 2015" submitting Louvre.


2014 - 81LAB. Present when it's sox CITY RAT press publication commemoration exhibition ParticipationOsaka gallery ASENSU fine arts 

2014 - 20th anniversary of Kiyosato photo art museum opening is commemorated. The starting point, eternally.In Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, work exhibition
2014 - It's held in a picture critic Minoru Shimizu plan exhibition "showcase #3 Japanese portrait Japanese Portraits-Ryuichi Ishikawa, Uchikura Shinichiro and Yousuke Harada" Kyoto eN arts gallery

2012 - PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE 81LAB. A 6th anniversary commemorative photograph exhibitionOsaka gallery ASENSU participation of fine arts 

2011 - PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE 81LAB. A 5th anniversary commemorative photograph exhibition Osaka gallery ASENSU participation of fine arts 

2010 - It depends on sculptor, photographer, illustrator, painter and 4 people. Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum special plan exhibition "four winds" participation  

2008 - 81LAB.GALLERY Opening plan exhibition Participation. 

2005 - The whole country Fuji photo salon APA regular member plan exhibition "new exhibition"    

2006 - Fuji photo salon plan exhibition "photographers' charity exhibition"